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Brita in partnership with First Choice

Although perfectly safe to drink, UK water contains impurities which can spoil taste, smell, appearance and overall quality of drinks. For an appliance heating water or producing steam, such as dishwashers and combi ovens, temporary hardness can cause of scale build-up which can have a significant impact on running costs together with the inconvenience of increased maintenance and downtime. The key to a long term solution is an efficient water filter system and Brita Certcustomers in the commercial catering market trust in BRITA Professional as the experts when it comes to water optimisation.

First Choice Catering Spares Ltd has been nominated as an Approved Supplier by BRITA UK. Laura Dickinson, Communications Manager of BRITA Professional, explains 'within the different industry areas of our professional network, such as catering, coffee, vending etc, are some top level suppliers, such as First Choice, that we see as key business partners. BRITA has a demanding list of criteria such as quality of service and volumes of sales, which make First Choice one of these suppliers and are therefore happy to “approve” to our end users'.

First Choice works in partnership with Brita Professional, one of the world’s leading specialists in water treatment, to bring a comprehensive range of filters specifically developed for the commercial catering market.

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